Where Can You Travel, To Get A Time Travels Experience?

Travelling through the realm of time has always excited people greatly and it is why people keep on trying to get ways through which they could travel through time. Various theories have come up and various theories have been discarded in this respect. But one theory that has always been exciting and shows some logic is Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity that is the space-time relation. The time dilation and other jargons that the theory present before the people who are a fan of time travel. A way by which you could experience time travel is by travelling with the speed of light. Some more detail about the same are given below so do hive it a look.

Moving with speed of light

According to the special theory of relativity, it was found that if an object moves with the speed of light the time for the object would seem to stop relative to the other objects moving with speed lesser than that of light. Moreover, it is said that if a body moves with a speed close to that of light then it would experience time dilation, that is time would move slower for the body relative to other bodies at rest. This type of speed is achieved when rockets are launched into space.

Hence if you are willing to experience some time travel then going to space would help you to achieve it, so happy time travelling.