What are disposable vape pens and how are they effective?

Consuming marijuana has many ways, as there are many ways to get cannabis into the system. So whether you are consuming marijuana for medical purposes or some kind of recreational purpose that is to get high, one can choose between various delivering ways. one can either smoke, vape, use topical, oils, or consume edibles. Every way has its pros and cons and has different effective periods and availability. Though smoking is one of the most common techniques of getting high on cannabis, it is not discreet. This is the reason why vaping has become so popular among enthusiasts. Vaping is effective for both recreational and medical purposes as it helps in giving a quick effect of THC and CBD.

Disposable vapes

Usually, the disposable shatter pen Canada is a device that has a certain amount of shatter in it that is vaporized which the help of vaporizer in it. usually, the vapes are rechargeable and one can keep using it by filling it with shatter. But in case one wants to use a disposable vape pen only once then they can choose to buy disposable vape pens. These can be used until cannabis is there and it is charged. After the charge is over one will have to throw it away. These vapes are also easy to keep discreet even in public places, unlike the traditional vapes.


Some of the major benefits of why disposable vapes are so famous among marijuana users are:

  • Less pricey: the disposable vapes have a low initial cost and therefore is perfect for those who want to try vaping or are on a low budget. the traditional vapes are costly and are perfect for those who like to vape a lot as they have low long-run costs. but in case one wants to try using cannabis they can opt for it at low cost.
  • Smaller size: these disposable vaping pens are small and thus can be stuffed in pockets and bags and purses easily. The normal vapes are bigger and thus cannot be carried around, unlike the disposable ones which can easily be carried without anybody knowing.
  • Maintenance: traditional vapes are high on maintenance as they need to be cleaned and charged for using the machine. Also, these vapes need to be filled at regular intervals which can be a hassle. But disposable vape pens need to be cleaned, or charged or filled. Simply use them till there are charge and cannabis extract in it and throw it when done.