Too Much Social Media leads to anxiety in Children

If you want to know about anxiety you must search online. It is one of the most common problem that children and adults are facing. You can check out Get information about this mental disorder. In this age of technology, when everyone is using iOS, Android and other cell phones, the chances of cybercrimes are increasing day by day. People feel that personal and professional life is incomplete without gaming devices, tablets, smartphones and many others. The use of the net surfing or social media for personal entertainment has increased these crimes in the society. It is parent’s duty to secure their children from these crimes. For this purpose, you do not need to chase them or checking their devices all the time. You cannot control the use of cell phones for them. The only way to secure your children from cyberbullying is to use the applications that offer parental control.

Decrease their screen time

It is important to reduce the screen time in teen agers. They love to use their mobile gadgets to have fun and more entertainment. They like to be fresh after a hectic routine of their school. They use social networks to explore a new world of friends. Everything is open and approachable on social media. Some of the unethical sites are there. This content can cause mental and physical pressure. Children love text messaging, web surfing, chatting on mobiles and video games playing and many more. It causes many health issues in children. They cannot be able to complete their sleep and they cannot complete their tasks in the real world. It depresses them.

Kids and teenagers paly games and brows net on social media. They play games that can be harmful for them. Children who are fond of games online they become addict of it. This is the reason, they start playing the suicide games. In some cases, children are compelled to do some tasks that take them to the suicide. It seems like a war on the internet. The hosts give challenges to kids and they have to hurt themselves. To avoid this situation, you should take a step before time.

The use of social media creates stress and problems in children. The majority of these children use social networks. It creates stress and depression in them. Isolation is the most common issue that has ruined the life of a person.

Install parental control application on Symbian phones, blackberry phones, ipads, Windows versions and Macs. You can check the compatibility of the application online whether it is suitable for your phone model.