Steps To Find Clinical Trails Near Me

Before any drug is launched for the people to use there are several tests which are done to know about that it is safe for human beings or not. After analyzing the drug in laboratories, the drug is then passed for the clinical trials. Clinical trials are for research investigations in which anyone can volunteer for a new drug or treatments, tests to detect, prevent, treat and to study various disease. Mostly it serves the purpose of studying the physiology of a new drug on a person and see if it is safe for use or not.

How do clinical trials work?

You can search for clinical trials near me and reach there and get the answers regarding clinical trials, or you could check for it online. Here is some information about how this whole process works.

There is 5 phase which are:  

Phase 0 trial: The trails usually start from Phase 1, but your doctor might ask you for phase 0. In this phase there are very few volunteers are involved and a very less amount of drug is introduced into the body. The researchers usually check for the side effects in this stage.

Phase 1 Trail: In this process, the drug is tested on a small group of people and the aim of this test is basically to check the following things:

  • How much amount of drug is safe to use?
  • Side effects
  • How the drug discarded out of the body.
  • How much effective the drug is?

Phase 2 trial: There are not many drugs which make it through the phase 2 trails. This phase aims to find out:

  • In case this new treatment works out it is passed for Phase 3.
  • Here the more tests are done to understand the side effects better.
  • To learn more about what is the proper dosage is safe to use.

Phase 3 trial: In this phase, a large number of people are involved, maybe even thousands of them. Here people are selected randomly from different hospitals, sometimes even from different countries. This is done because the larger the number will be the more information about the drug and its side effects.

Phase 4 Trails: This particular stage is important as the drug is now clinically approved and licensed and ready to use for the people.

The aim of phase 4 trails is:

  • To learn more about the drug and its side effects.
  • To see if there are any long-term risks or not.
  • To test how well the drug works.

To know more about the clinical trials you can go to your search engine and look for clinical trials near me. And you will get several locations, and you can go to the one which you find more convenient.