How to save yourself from Coronavirus

We know these are hard times for everyone. With Coronavirus spreading everywhere people are getting more and more worried. Therefore we have compiled some of the ways through which you can protect yourself and your family. Readout our article at and find how to stay away from Corona and any other type of deadly viruses.

Develop the habit of wearing gloves all the time:

In the event that you need to go out during the day because of any important reasons, you may think that it’s hard to continue washing your hands after a single visit. In these cases, a couple of elastic gloves can be your guardian angel. Make it a point to wear them whenever you step out of your homes. This means that you can be certain that you are not presenting your hands to germs or infection.

Prior to entering your home, make sure to remove your elastic gloves and leave it at the entryway to be washed altogether in order to be able to utilize them later. Other than this, keep in mind that you never attempt to touch your face or hair with your gloves on because you may spread the germs all over your body by doing this.

Discard all the used facemasks:

According to, all of the specialists and doctors request that you wear face masks only if you are around someone who has a virus or you yourself or showing any symptoms. No matter what your reason is, in case you are using it make sure that you discard it after a single-use. Nowadays most of the drug stores are selling very delicate and paper-thin masks, if you wear them more than once there is no point. Because they are supposed to be worn only once and they don’t show any protection if you wear them again and again. Also you need to wash your hands completely after you remove them off your face.

Keep the doorknobs clean:

The door handles in your homes are one of the significant transporters of germs. Any time someone touches them, they transfer germs from their hands to the doorknobs. When someone else touches it, all the germs on the doorknob is transferred to him. This is how they are one of the main sources of germs in our homes. This is why, in, it is said that you properly clean and sanitize your doorknobs every single day.