Different mattress firmness levels and reasons why different people prefer different firmness

Sleeping experience depends on how firm a mattress is. Different people prefer different levels of mattress firmness. Different people have different definitions of softness and firmness. Therefore, when it comes to mattress firmness, individual preferences always differ. There are different mattress firmness scales that can help you know the kind of firmness that will fit you. Below mentioned are  different mattress firmness levels you can find in mattress sales Tucson stores

The soft

The soft mattresses range between 1 to 2 on mattress firmness scales. This is the softest one found in mattress sales Tucson around. Although this kind of firmness exists, there are very few who sell such firmness level nowadays. Because it is not easy to find such mattresses, you have to look harder to find one. These mattresses are known for absolute body contouring. When you sleep on such mattresses, you will feel like they are actually hugging your body.

The medium soft firmness

There are those people who are not a fan of firm sleeping surfaces. Surfaces that are extra soft also don’t suit them. For such people, medium soft can be the best. They have a scale range of 3 to 4 on firmness scale. They are known for providing pressure point relief as well as body contouring. Compared to the soft mattresses, they offer more support. For combination sleepers, these type of mattresses are the best.

The medium firm

Another kind of mattress firmness is the medium firm. They fall in range of 5 to 7 on the firmness scale. Such mattresses are known for support as well as contouring.  Due to that, such kind of mattresses are labeled as the universal comfort mattresses. Almost everyone loves these kinds of mattresses. For such mattresses visit any mattress sales Tucson

The firm mattress

The last type of mattress firmness is the firm mattress. Its scale is within seven to ten. Although they exist, very few mattresses can reach this level of firmness. That is to say, you have to go an extra mile to find a mattress with such kind of firmness. For spinal support kind of patients, this is the right mattress for them. You can find them in a few mattress sales Tucson.


Different mattresses are made of a different kind of firmness. Different people prefer different levels of firmness depending on their sleeping style and preferences. Users’ medical condition also makes it important to purchase mattress with certain firmness level. Choose mattress firmness according to your preference.