Custom Popsocket: A Safeguard For Mobile Devices

What is a Popsocket?

A privately owned consumer electronic accessory which is based on companies like Boulder Colorado. They produce grips, mounts and cases, for all kinds of mobile devices. The company was founded by a professor of philosophy. In 2014, which was officially the first year of this company it sold about 30,000 popsocket grips.

The thought was generally from the very first of 2012, to come up with such a device which would be on the back, which would be used for storing the earbuds. The main product which is being sold by PopSockets is popsocket grips. This grip works to hold one’s phone in a more easy way while reducing the risk of dropping.

Generally, we people who deal with the phone throughout the day, for a much more amount of time, in the crowded bus, or busy streets, mobile phones just slip through our hands without any notice and thus results in breaking the tempered glass. Therefore these custom popsocket grips are very helpful, in a way to avoid dropping of the mobile phone in any place. This also helps in staying not worried throughout.

What Is Custom Popsocket all about?  

Custom popsocket is nothing but a different and separate kind of popsocket grips. The top socket grips they come up with are of different kinds and variations which are very attractive in nature too. Custom Top sockets is a little tool which is very much innovative in nature and helps us in all the way to get a grip on our phone. It is basically a compact adhesive attachment which serves as stand as also is used for a grip in case of phones, tablets and many more. Custom Top sockets give us more effort on-the-go holding of a phone because while we use our phone the reduction in terms of text neck or screen smash levels down naturally.

How to design own Custom Popsocket?


At the very first a design has to be created, then a site has to be selected where this can be promoted and create an account of self. Once the design is ready one has to go to the create option in the account is made. Then under product type one has to choose popsockets and upload one’s design, and follow the different stages until the product goes live. Nowadays designs are being mostly printed over white background.