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Silicone lids are a handy thing if there is no matching closure in the kitchen. At dinnertime another portion of lasagne is left, there is also a bowl of strawberries left in the fridge, and a bowl of potato salad for the next day’s barbecue does not have a matching lid. Atrada knows what you need so that they offer you silicone lids with affordable price.

Cling film is not a solution – the environmental impact of the film is catastrophic, it also does not close tight. The transparent silicone lids fit on every bowl and cup. Containers made of glass, ceramic, metal or plastic are thus tightly closed, even waterproof should be the lid Silicone lids seem to be a good idea. Silicone is stretchy, so the size of the plate, bowl, pot or glass does not have to match exactly with the lid. In addition, the lids are inexpensive, are sold in sets of 5 or more different sizes and should be almost unlimited reusable.


Top 5 silicone lids with their benefits:

  • 1st place: The test winner is the silicone lids from Dig Health. The covers are BPA and FDA free, reusable indefinitely, and are suitable for any type of dish – even a halved watermelon will fit on a Dig Health lid. The twelve-piece set includes 2.6 “, 3.8”, 4.5 “5.7”6.5″and 8.1″ diameter lids.
  • 2nd place: With a price of fewer than 9 euros for the 6-pack, the silicone lids from Din qi are not quite as cost-effective as their test winner, but are still very economical and, above all, ecologically sensible. The silicone used is food grade and FDA, BPA and even SGS free. The manufacturer had this certified.
  • 3rd place: Sand fort packs 7 silicone lids in a set. The round lids are advertised as a reusable and very elastic alternative to cling film and aluminum foil. For round and square vessels, the lids are equally suitable, they can be cleaned and used again and again.
  • 4th place: Fourth place is occupied by the 13th set of silicon covers from Tonsovic. The manufacturer uses silicone that is 100% BPA free. The covers are advertised as plastic-free and environmentally friendly. All containers can be environmentally friendly sealed with the tear-resistant and very wear-resistant lids
  • 5th place: The reusable Beauty Lohas silicone covers are stretchy and are sold as a set of 12 items. They can be used over and over again and can easily be pulled over angular, round, oval or irregular shaped containers. The silicone used is harmless to health and environmentally friendly.


The manufacturers advertise at low prices, easy cleaning and colorful designs. Atrada silicone lid test tells you which product really holds, what is promised.