A Brief Summary of the Telugu Movies in the year 2019

About Tollywood-

The Telugu Film Industry or the Tollywood has never failed in giving the most interesting stories. Let the genre be romantic, thriller, action, fantasy, science fiction or anything else, the Telugu has left the whole country in awe with its stories and movies. Not only the whole country, but you will find the movies praised all over the world. You will find either the other industry writers and directors remaking a Telugu movie in their languages with their starts and getting a hit response or you will find the Telugu movies dubbed into the other languages like Hindi and showed in the TV channels or through online sources. Most of the movies have made even the Tollywood stars famous all around the globe for their acting skills. Like if you consider Bahubali, one of the biggest blockbuster of the decade; the movie had got an overall positive response and kept the whole country waiting for its release.

Telugu Movies 2019-

With all the success in hand, the directors and the writers of the Telugu film industry are trying out various combinations of stories to entertain the public. While few movies are getting the perfect response what was expected, few movies have not met the expectation of the public and were not given a very good response. 2019 has not been a good start for the Tollywood as a whole, but still a few movies could keep the aura of Tollywood lit alive. We have information about the Telugu Movies 2019 hits and flops, until now.

Well, movies like NTR- Kathanayakudu, Natana, Petta, Vinaya Vidheya Rama, Mr. Majnu, Manikarnika, Rahasyam and few movies other than these had a very good response during the pre-release but on the release, the movies lacked somewhere or the other and so, couldn’t meet up the expectations of the people which was built.Few of these films had a good budget and few had a low but yet, the response was quite similar.

And some movies like F2 Fun & Frustration, Jersey, Yatra, Majili and few other movies which are quite less in number have impressed the public and have driven them crazy. These movies have amazed the public and have kept up to their expectations. SO, this was a brief picture about the Telugu Movies 2019 hits and flops and don’t you worry, the upcoming movies do look like they are going to awe struck the audience, so sit back and wait to experience the best to come.