Day: April 16, 2019


How to get better at Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is loved by all. There is nothing better than having a friend’s over and engaging in a good game of fantasy football. There are unlimited ways in which one can improve the gameplay of fantasy football and some of the most fundamental steps are as follows: Choose the playing position from the very […]

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Life Hacks


Introduction- Our whole life we are made to focus to achieve our goals and accomplish our tasks at the right time. According to our elders, the reason for doing this is to get us successful in our life. But in this race of life we forget about our own happiness. So, now it’s time to […]

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Where Can You Travel, To Get A Time Travels Experience?

Travelling through the realm of time has always excited people greatly and it is why people keep on trying to get ways through which they could travel through time. Various theories have come up and various theories have been discarded in this respect. But one theory that has always been exciting and shows some logic […]

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How To Start A Tech Support Customer Care Company? A Proper Guide

Introduction: Tech support provides service to the customers. Say if an individual has bought a product, in case of any technical issue the customer then contacts the tech support company. It is helpful in solving IT related issues. So for instance an individual wants to get a product installed or upgraded a proper tech support […]

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How To Stop Being A Nice Guy And Be A Man With Self-Esteem?

Introduction: We as humans since our childhood have been taught that “the world is full of bad people so you be a nicer one”. As it seems this should be the case also. By the virtue of being humans one should possess the qualities that makes one better than other living creatures, qualities like kindness, […]

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How To Go To A Chanel Fashion Show?

Introduction: Chanel is a privately-owned French company owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer. The company is popular worldwide and is known for its various products such as jewelry and accessories, perfume, ready-to-wear and haute couture. When Karl Legerfeld joined the company as a creative director he came up with his spectacularly creative design. One […]

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What Is An Ideal Personal Financial Portfolio?

Introduction: A financial portfolio refers to the collection of financial securities that a person holds. In simple words it is a group of investments in the form of shares, bonds, cash and cash equivalents, alternative investments and funds. All these mentioned asset classes can help one earn money and lose money too. Thus, we can […]

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