123movies Free- The Reel Got Free!

I tried to open my eyes to read the name of the caller on my phone, but I failed miserably, then I put the phone down and slept again. The phone rang again, but this time I managed my disobedient eyes to obey, to see the name. It was ‘Mom’ and the time was 1:00 PM, so it goes without saying what happened next! Yeah, I got scolded a little more than you people could possibly imagine.


See, I will not defend myself but clearly, it was not my mistake. I mean last night one of my friends suggested a movie to watch even though he knew I have my exams after two days. Now, you would have understood, why I got some extra scolding. So, I was up with my laptop, uninterrupted Wi-Fi with a cosy blanket giving enough comfort to put my eyes down on the movie. I searched 123movies free and I opened it which has the links to almost every movie. And that is how I fell in the trap!

Escape theory

After the scolding, I realized that it was completely my friend’s fault. Jokes apart, I think the internet is the kind of weapon we use to save ourselves from boredom. In my case last night when I wanted to watch a movie and I watched it very easily. I mean I didn’t spend extra money, neither had I gone to a theatre which in case saved my transportation charges nor I had to be on time. Everything was according to me from staring to end, interval too. Though, I missed the popcorn!

Can movies be informative?

Seriously speaking, you will upvote my statement that how 123movies free has helped students like us and other people too. Apart from entertainment, they provide general knowledge of fields such as science, politics, and real life. Movies also give an insight into deeds happening in our society and what needs to be done. Biopic movies show a person’s journey which has affected the masses. It also adds some creativity to think out of the box.

I feel when we have access for the movie to download for free, why should we not download it then? Yes, it wouldn’t do justice to artist’s work but it would not affect him that much. Students like us have a limited budget and we can not afford to watch every movie in the theatre hall. So fmovies or 123movies free goes well than with spending money on movies every day or week.